If we grant the biomedical state that there ever was justification to institute a Public Health™ emergency vis-à-vis COVID-19 (there wasn’t), that time has certainly passed.

Even President Brandon, who momentarily forgot his handlers’ script, admitted so.

Why is the CDC’s travel restriction on the unvaccinated coming into the United States still in place, especially when we now know the vax does not stop transmission? Why are any rules set by unelected Public Health™ bureaucrats not automatically null and void? They should have been invalidated on Day One of the new session of Congress, or at least there should have been identifiable action taken to do so even in the face of predictable resistance from the corporate media and the Democrat Party.

Every single “emergency” measure under the auspices of COVID was a scam, and they need to be repealed immediately. Where’s the action from the pharma cucks in the GOP? Where’s the urgency? Was there any point whatsoever in electing them to Congress, or was it 100% kabuki theatre instead of just 95%? Are they going to do anything to earn their paychecks by serving their constituents? What good was all the hullabaloo about electing a Speaker if they are going to continue to do precisely nothing to roll back the biggest government power grab in history?

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