Maybe you can help WaPo grasp why GOP voters are ‘still resentful’ over gov’t’s awful COVID policies

Maybe you can help WaPo grasp why GOP voters are ‘still resentful’ over gov’t’s awful COVID policies

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a story about COVID policies still being very much a hot-button issue for many Republican voters.

Here’s the headline from yesterday’s article:

“Many Republican activists remain angry.” Talk about a missed opportunity to catch them seizing or pouncing! Oh well. WaPo kind of made up for it today with their “analysis” based on yesterday’s story:

That GOP base! They’re so dang resentful! And for what? What do they have to be so resentful about?

More from Rachel Roubein:

But among activist Republicans, immense resentment persists at government policies aimed at curbing the pandemic, such as vaccine mandates, school closures and mask requirements. And that’s shaping up to be a significant part of the GOP’s messaging as anger bubbles up among potential Republican presidential contenders and newly empowered House Republicans, Yasmeen Abutaleb, Isaac Arnsdorf and I report.

For Democrats, the push is an extension of conservatives’ insistence on embracing false conspiracy theories, like saying vaccines are harmful and the virus isn’t real. But Republican strategists say that while issues like inflation and immigration are still top of mind for GOP voters, the covid debate is expected to play a significant role in Republican messaging ahead of the 2024 election.

Roubein and the Washington Post really seem fascinated by Republican voters’ frustration. As if it’s something that just came out of nowhere and doesn’t have any basis in reality.

Maybe it’s WaPo who’s out of touch on the important issues. Because from where we’re sitting, people have plenty to be upset about when it comes to COVID policies and their repercussions.

That’s a good answer. We will also accept this one:

Harsh but fair.


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