Democrats in Congress rushed to cover Joe Biden before too many questions can start circulating about why his administration waited so long to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon.

Indeed, the misdirection Democrats are practicing is giggle-worthy.

It’s good you’re asking tough questions, but if you are, you’re “playing politics.”

Meanwhile, the eight days the balloon spent making its way leisurely across the entire width of the United States isn’t mentioned. It’s already disappeared down the information rabbit hole.

Chuck Schumer also fumbled the question, preferring the old, “Look! Squirrel!” approach. If you’re a Democrat, it works every time.

What “leadership”? Eight days later, after the spy balloon was able to gather all the intel it needed and send it back to Beijing, we’re supposed to praise this president for letting it happen?

And what’s with Bill Kristol? Bill is so anxious to please his new left-wing friends that he sorta, kinda, got carried away.


Bill Kristol fired off a banger of tweet that has Twitter questioning if the former conservative is okay.

A Chinese spy balloon is meandering its way over the United States, and Bill Kristol came to the defense of the balloon … or used it as an excuse to attack MAGA … or tried to impress his base of left wing followers.

It’s not exactly clear what Bill Kristol was trying to do in this bizarre word salad wonder.

We’re pretty sure the primary goal was to defend Joe Biden for doing nothing about a Chinese spy balloon floating above sovereign U.S. soil.

Incredibly, the left-wing media is still referring to the “alleged” spy balloon — as if it could be anything else?

New York Magazine:

The national tour of an alleged Chinese surveillance balloon ended off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday afternoon when a U.S. fighter jet shot it down. On Thursday, the Pentagon kicked off the most captivating national balloon news since 2009’s “balloon boy” saga when it announced that it was tracking a high-altitude Chinese balloon flying over the U.S., which it alleged was being used for reconnaissance. China claims it was a rogue weather balloon that had been blown off course, but the Biden administration dismissed that explanation and has now blown it out of the sky.

The narrative is already being shaped: Biden showed “great leadership” in calling the Pentagon and ordering a balloon shot down after it had gathered all the intelligence it could. Biden was right not to shoot it down until it was over the ocean. Republicans are playing politics with this massive intelligence failure.

By the time the narrative is set, Biden will have been at the controls of the F-22 and shot the balloon down personally.

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