The House Oversight Committee is holding a hearing today on Twitter’s collusion with the FBI and Justice Department to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. But if we’re being honest, Twitter execs really have no need to defend themselves. Not as long as there are Democrats like Jamie Raskin who will continue to play down the corruption and the significance of what actually happened:

Trying to get to the bottom of a coordinated effort to suppress a story that was very much in the public’s interest to know about during an election cycle in order to protect a Democratic presidential candidate hardly sounds like a “trivial pursuit,” does it?

Because Jamie Raskin is no dummy, and he knows full well that if he had to address the coordinated effort by the intelligence community to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop, that would immediately render The Twitter Files very non-trivial.

He would never.

Oh, we expected him to say pretty much exactly what he said.

But that doesn’t make it any less dishonest.



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