Yesterday, former president and aspiring 2024 presidential nominee Donald Trump quote-“re-truthed” some Truth Social posts not-so-subtly insinuating that Florida Governor and presumptive 2024 GOP presidential contender Ron DeSantis is a sexual predator of young women.

Recall that this particular line of attack was launched by the MeidasTouch goons, who are far more devoted to advancing a leftist agenda than they are to advancing the truth. Which is why it makes total sense that Donald Trump would get on the same page as them. Trump will veer to the Left if he thinks it can help him defeat DeSantis (though, to be fair, Donald Trump was a New York Democrat for decades until five minutes before he announced his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination).

Anyhoo, many people rightly observed that the above “truths” were just the latest in a long series of Trump’s efforts to bait Ron DeSantis into lashing out, efforts that had thus far proven fruitless.

Well, DeSantis still hasn’t taken the bait. He has, however, responded to being baited by reminding us — and Trump — where his political priorities are:

Brilliant response.

Not only did DeSantis dismiss Donald Trump’s desperate shenanigans, but he also called out the media for clamoring for a fight.

We’d call that a double win.



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