This morning we reported on comments from Air Force General and Norad Commander Glen VanHerck, that he had not ruled out extraterrestrials being behind the “balloons” that we’ve been shooting out of the sky.

Well just a few moments ago White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre clarified those comments, suggesting there is no evidence that extraterrestrials had anything to do with these balloons the US has shot down.

Of course she got a big laugh from the press pool when she made the statement for obvious reasons. And honestly, assuming these really were balloons, it’s laughable that anyone would think aliens would come to earth with balloons that could be easily shot down.

Meanwhile, DOD spokesman John Kirby took a shot at the Trump administration today suggesting they never detected the Chinese balloon program. Kirby says emphatically “…but they did not detect it, we detected it. We tracked it.”

Did they really detect it? Or did someone see the balloon over Montana and say ‘hey what’s that?’ before the US began ‘detecting and tracking’ the Chinese balloon program?

Even reporters are asking questions along these lines, with one saying it feels like the Biden administration is ‘plugging holes’ in real time as the administration realizes there are ‘vulnerabilities’:

That’s exactly the way it seems. Kirby would have you believe Biden is on top of this and keeping America safe, but lest’s not forget that they let a Chinese surveillance balloon float over half of the US before finally deciding to shoot it down off the coast of the Carolinas.

If they were truly on top of this program, then they would have never let this initial surveillance balloon float over half of America. They would have shot it down long before it ever entered domestic airspace over Montana.

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