During her recent trip to Asia, everybody’s favorite Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to throw her weight around, demanding Japan embrace the woke LGBTQ+ alphabet.

She was quickly rebuked.

From Fox News:

Ocasio-Cortez targeted Japan in an almost 40-minute-long Instagram video, during which she said that she was shocked at “very discriminatory” comments from a member of the Japanese government on the LGBT community.

“There was a member of the Japanese administration that was caught in off-the-record comments making very discriminatory statements about LGBT people,” she explained in an Instagram video that she streamed live on Monday.

“It is quite shocking, I think it’s fair to characterize this as [a] pretty shocking development,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

“It is our view that marriage equality and LGBT protections being enacted in Japan would [play] a very strong and important role in U.S. and Japan relations,” the American Congresswoman said.

But political commentators and journalists did not take kindly to Ocasio-Cortez advising Japan on how to conduct its affairs.

Political commentator Ian Miles Cheong summed up the Congresswoman’s visit in a tweet. “AOC is currently in Japan demanding that their government embrace LGBTQ alphabet wokeness, or else.”

“Japan’s internal affairs are none of AOC’s business,” journalist Sameera Khan fired back, sharing headlines from Time and Bloomberg News on the controversial trip.

One user agreed, advising that the Congresswoman to stick to American politics. “[K]ind of a far out concept, but how bout we focus on America.”

AOC’s Instagram video rant has already received over 520,000 likes.

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