Nominee for most 2023 story of the year:

A man was literally put on leave from his job as a shop teacher not because he was cosplaying as a porn star while teaching, but because he chose not to cosplay being a porn star while out for a walk.

As I said, the most 2023 story so far this year.

It is thanks to the New York Post that the parents, students, and taxpayers of Canada have been informed that the weird fetishist who was terrorizing students with bad safety practices in shop classes turns out not to be entirely trans, whatever that means.

The teacher, known as Kayla Lemieux, was photographed out taking a walk dressed as a male, which apparently is an offense against humanity. Unlike dressing as a porn star, which is entirely defensible.

The Canadian high school teacher who wears massive Z-cup prosthetic breasts in class has been placed on leave after The Post revealed that she rarely wears them outside of school.

The Halton School District confirmed that Oakville Trafalgar High School shop teacher Kayla Lemieux was put on paid leave Tuesday.

“While not currently on an active assignment, the teacher remains employed with the (Halton District School Board),” spokesperson Heather Francey told the Toronto Sun.

Lemieux’s suspension comes after Education Minister Stephen Lecce and Halton Region MPPs Natalie Pierre, Stephen Crawford and Effie Triantafilopoulos rebuked the school board for having “abdicated its responsibility by failing to put the interests and safety of students first,” according to the Sun.

I am, to be honest, hideously confused for a number of reasons.

First, I thought gender identity can only be known to the individual in question.

Second, while it is often obvious when a man is dressing as a woman, the reverse is not always the case. It is quite common for women to dress in jeans and a shirt, which are stereotypically male. So how do we know that “Kayla” wasn’t actually feeling female when dressed as he was?

Third, Kayla could have been feeling genderfluid, and as we know gender is only a feeling and indecipherable from the outside. This is why many transgender-identifying people wear pronoun pins.

And lastly, Kayla should have been fired for teaching how to use dangerous tools in class without wearing safety equipment. Somebody could get hurt.

None of that matters. Kayla dressed as a man. Which he is, I think. So he is suspended from teaching.

This could be a first.

Kayla is clearly being victimized, perhaps because this person is disabled. Ablism is a huge problem in Western society, as we know. It could very well be that the whole gender identity/porn star/non-porn star issue is a distraction from anti-crutches discrimination.

I am pretty sure that is it. This other story stinks:

The board has supported Lemieux throughout [the controversy].

But the New York Post newspaper hired a Toronto photographer to work with their reporters to learn more about Kayla Lemieux, and spent a month doing research. While the Post’s team took pictures and video of Lemieux dressed as a woman, it also captured an image which the paper claimed showed Lemieux without breasts and dressed in men’s attire. That changed the game and resulted in Lemieux never being in class again.

Could it possibly be that the school board only supports men pretending to be porn stars, not disabled men pretending to be female porn stars?

Parents, after all, were very upset while he dressed up as a woman with Z-cup breasts and nipples prominently displayed. Yet the board supported him. Because of course they did. He was being totally bizarre and offensive, which is a good thing.

As soon as he chooses NOT to dress up that way he gets removed? Of course he was, because he was not being bizarre and offensive.

Atilla the Hun did far less damage to the Roman Empire than the current Elite running our societies are doing to the West.

After all, Atilla never showed children how to use a power saw without safety goggles or tying his hair back.

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