Rep. Matt Gaetz got a standing ovation at CPAC this morning when discussing Republican House investigations.

What got people applauding was when Gaetz suggested that the low enegy days of Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy and their ‘fake oversight’ are gone.

“These are the Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz days!”


Gaetz followed that by saying: “And if the Democrats are going to obstruct our investigation, then I am calling to REMOVE the Democrats from our investigation. They shouldn’t be allowed to sit in the depositions and hear the evidence if they are going tonuse that to try and get in the way of thorough, rigorous oversight.”

“And I don’t believe that means hearings where we yell at people. I think that means a fundamental reshaping of this government.”

If Jim Jordan can put action to Gaetz’s words then they’ve got something.

But this isn’t just a moment for Jim Jordan, Majorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. This is a moment for Kevin McCarthy to prove that he’s a different kind of Speaker who will allow “thorough, rigorous oversight”. If he does then I think people will reward Republicans in future elections. If he doesn’t then people will give up on Republicans and Democrats will keep winning.

If the lackluster midterms haven’t raised the alarm with Republicans then they could very well be finished.

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