Russia has just inked a deal with the US-hating terrorist nation of Iran to sell them SU-35 fighter jets.

The news comes from Iran itself, but they refuse to say how many fighter jets they are buying:

Given how much Iran hate both the US and Israel, this should be concerning for both countries.

But that’s not all. Russia is also giving Iran US weapons they are capturing in Ukraine:

Russia has been capturing some of the US and NATO-provided weapons and equipment left on the battlefield in Ukraine and sending them to Iran, where the US believes Tehran will try to reverse-engineer the systems, four sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

Over the last year, US, NATO and other Western officials have seen several instances of Russian forces seizing smaller, shoulder-fired weapons equipment including Javelin anti-tank and Stinger anti-aircraft systems that Ukrainian forces have at times been forced to leave behind on the battlefield, the sources told CNN.

In many of those cases, Russia has then flown the equipment to Iran to dismantle and analyze, likely so the Iranian military can attempt to make their own version of the weapons, sources said. Russia believes that continuing to provide captured Western weapons to Iran will incentivize Tehran to maintain its support for Russia’s war in Ukraine, the sources said.

I bet Iran can’t wait for Biden to send F-16s to Ukraine so that Russia can capture and send those as well.

Just like Obama, Biden will be known for arming the terrorist world during his administration after the loads of US equiptment he left in Afghanistan and now this.

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