Carl Sandburg once said, “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.” Or file a lawsuit. Of course, when your dad is the at least nominal president of the United States and the deep state and the press are all covering your proverbial six, you probably have nothing to fear from the law. And the law even makes a handy bludgeon. And of course, the facts shouldn’t matter.

And so Hunter Biden, scion of the Wanna-Be Kennedys of Rehoboth Beach, filed a lawsuit yesterday against John Paul Mac Isaac. Mac Issac, you may recall, is the proprietor of a computer repair business in Delaware. In April 2019, Hunter left the now-infamous Laptop from Hell for Mac Issac to retrieve files. But Hunter not only failed to pay Mac Issac, he never even bothered to pick up the computer. Which is odd, considering what it is alleged to have contained. Although this is Hunter Biden we’re talking about here. He may have been so preoccupied or addled that he simply forgot. Or, as a member of the elite, he might have figured he was untouchable. Whatever the reason, Mac Issac eventually turned the files on the laptop over to the New York Post. At the time, Joe Biden’s allies in the media, social and otherwise, did everything possible to convince us that the whole thing was a non-issue. Until it became an issue. Now faced with the possibility that he may have to snort some reality along with all of that parmesan cheese, Hunter has invoked the privilege of the privileged and filed a lawsuit. No doubt quoting St. Greta by shouting “How dare you?”

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According to a report in National Review,  the suit claims that Hunter “had more than a reasonable expectation of privacy that any data that he created or maintained.” It also said that Hunter believed that said data, “would not be accessed, copied, disseminated, or posted on the Internet for others to use against him or his family or for the public to view.” Mac Issac has maintained that because Hunter did not pick up the laptop after 90 days, the ownership of the device reverted to him. Team Biden, on the other hand, asserts that while that might be Mac Issac’s store policy, and despite the fact that the 90-day clause appears on the repair form, which Hunter would have had to sign, Delaware law says that Hunter had up to a year to retrieve the computer. During that time, it would have remained his property.

Does this lawsuit show how desperate the Biden family and, by extension, the Democrat party may be to hide the data on the laptop? Possibly. But it also reveals the level of hubris that the family and the party have reached and the depths to which they will descend to maintain power. That the contents of the laptop may be bad news for a family is not the issue. The fact that the contents are damaging to the Biden family is the issue. It goes without saying that if this laptop belonged to a member of the Trump family, every byte of data would have been the lead story on every station, paper, and MSM and left-leaning website. In fact, the story would have been second only to January 6 updates.

So never mind what evidence the laptop contained. Hunter, and more than likely Joe, believe that their actions don’t matter, but people finding out about them does.

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