Joe Biden has been working hard to keep our totally secure border impermeable to the influx of fentanyl. It is a roaring success of a policy.

But those dastardly Republicans, who by the way also want to defund the police, I tell you, want to cut off the funds necessary to keep the border secure.

Biden has it on good authority that the southern border is hyper-secure. His Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has testified to Congress about how secure it is!

Did I say that the border is secure and that Republicans want to open the floodgates? They do, you know. They are extreme MAGA Republicans. MAGA is bad. It is Orange, too.

Did I say MAGA? Those MAGA Republicans also want to defund the police, which no Democrat would ever want to do because they are rational moderates.

No rational human being could doubt the word of Secretary Mayorkas. He is not an extreme MAGA Republican and he is working every day to ensure that our border is secure. That’s why there is no fentanyl ravaging our population, El Paso is not overrun with illegal aliens, and even New York City doesn’t have to ship illegal migrants to the Canadian border.

Everything is fine, I tell you. Except that Republicans exist. That isn’t fine.

Did I say Orange Man Bad yet? He is, you know.

MAGA Republicans want to undo all the progress President Biden has made in securing the border. It is shameful!

Back in the bad old days when extreme MAGA Republican Donald Trump was president, the border wasn’t secure, because extreme MAGA Republicans like fentanyl streaming into the United States. Just look at this chart:

Sure, the red line is much lower, and that is the number of illegal aliens who were encountered at the border. It is so low back in 2020 because, obviously, Trump didn’t even try to catch any of those illegal border crossers. Now that President Biden is in charge they are encountering all those illegals because he is working so hard to do so!

Nobody is getting in any more. No more fentanyl either. Thank ol’ Joe!

Trust me, that’s true. It is because of his great work at securing the border that the numbers of illegal aliens “encountered” are so high!

MAGATs are trying to defund the police, and now they are defunding the Border Patrol. But Dear Leader Biden won’t let them, because he wants to keep the border exactly as secure as it is now.

Exactly that secure!

Seriously, how do they look in the mirror each morning without vomiting? To call them liars is far too kind. They are aping the tactics of communist propagandists, saying things they don’t believe to a populace who knows they are lying, and censoring anyone who tries to tell the truth.

It’s appalling, and yet it seems to work. They have a propaganda machine in the MSM that might chide them a bit for exaggerating, but not one of them will stand up and call them out as the liars they are.

Calling Donald Trump a liar was like a sneeze to them. An unconscious response to every utterance from the Orange Man. Joe Biden could declare that a horse is a unicorn and they would, perhaps, call it “Mostly True.” Unicorns look like horses, don’t they?

Besides, it’s Joe! Joe is keeping us secure!

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