Can you imagine this happening a decade ago without feminists screaming bloody murder?

I can’t. And it shouldn’t be happening now.

Tiffany Thomas took up bicycling in 2018, at the age of 41. He is now winning professional bike races, despite being 9 years older than her oldest teammate.

It makes him feel like a “superhero” to be crushing the opposition–an opposition that by birth was physically incapable of attaining the same physical qualities that he enjoys by virtue of his birth.

transgender cyclist won first place at a female race in New York City amid ongoing debates over the inclusion of trans athletes in female competitions.

Tiffany Thomas, 46, who was born male, ended the Randall’s Island Crit cycling race atop the podium, blowing the competition out of the water to snatch first place.

Despite only taking up cycling in 2018, Tiffany quickly found success and has dominated competitions in the years since. She recently landed a place on top cycling team LA Sweat, where her oldest teammate is just 32.

Taking to Instagram following her latest triumph, Thomas said it ‘was a great day to play bikes with friends’.

‘Last race with our 2022 LA Sweat team kit. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it made me feel like a superhero when I wore it,’ she continued in a separate post.

This is grotesque, and it is the new normal.

We are supposed to be super happy for Tiffany, who is achieving a dream.

I. Don’t. Care.

Tiffany is a man, and he is competing against women. He is a “superhero” because he is cheating. And the L.A. Sweat team of which he is a part is cheating too.

I personally find bicyclists as appealing as vegans. Both groups exude a kind of moral superiority that is difficult to swallow. Vegan cyclists are among the most intolerable people in the world. But that doesn’t excuse Tiffany. First, because he too is a cyclist and hence intolerably smug, but also because he and his team are cheaters who are stealing opportunities from women.

Women have been fighting to get opportunities in sports for decades. A federal law was passed and ruthlessly enforced to ensure women get those opportunities. And now those opportunities are being stolen by smug, self-satisfied men who are not good enough to compete in men’s sports, so they feel entitled to kick women out of their spaces and take them over for no other reason than to bolster their self-esteem.

The trans promotion machine keeps on claiming that they are fighting for their lives, which is BS. The murder and violent crime victimhood rate for trans-identified people is half that of the general population, and astronomically smaller than that for Black males. The trans “genocide” doesn’t even qualify as a joke.

Back when transgender people were genuinely those suffering from genuine dysphoria it really wasn’t an issue that anybody cared about. Trans people were considered odd, but not a threat to everybody else. There really was a time when trans people just wanted to be left alone.

Not anymore. They are upending society to satisfy their own egos.

It has to stop.

The Left is erasing women. They are grooming children. And too few people care.

The issue has nothing to do with persecuting trans people. Nobody should be persecuted, and if they aren’t harming anybody they should be embraced as God’s children, no matter their psychological issues.

But harming others is a bright red line, and people are getting harmed. Women and children are being harmed. A transgendered “female” broke a woman’s skull in an MMA fight, and was named the bravest athlete of all time.

People don’t seem to understand that most men don’t care a whit about women entering their spaces most of the time. Women come into men’s bathrooms all the time in places where there are insufficient women’s bathrooms. Back when I went to bars, lo those many years ago, women would sometimes come into a men’s room when they really had to go and there was a line into the women’s room.

Nobody freaked out. But men aren’t threatened by women in the way that women are by men. And that is the issue.

Women deserve their spaces, their privacy, and in sports the ability to compete fairly. That is all being erased.

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