Crime in many American cities has been allowed to get out of control, but when it comes to car theft it seems that some Dems have figured out who’s at least partly to blame. No, not the car thieves:

That approach is catching on in other cities mostly or entirely run by Democrats:

Instead of keeping repeat offenders in jail, it’s easier to just blame certain carmakers for the high rate of theft.


Democrats are blaming automakers for thefts in the crime-ridden cities they’ve controlled for decades just like they blame guns and gun manufacturers when the repeat offenders they refuse to keep in jail shoot people.

So, blame the car:

The San Diego City Attorney’s Office sued automakers Hyundai and Kia today for allegedly failing to equip their vehicles with sufficient anti-theft technology, which the city says contributed to a recent uptick in car thefts throughout San Diego.

The city alleges Hyundai and Kia cars are not equipped with immobilizer technology that ensures cars cannot be started without their keys.

The city’s lawsuit covers the period stretching from 2011 to 2021, when it claims other carmakers adopted the safety feature while Hyundai and Kia “failed to keep up with the times.”

Actually it’s blue city voters who haven’t kept up with the times by allowing the same politicians who have caused the problems to “fix” them.



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