Watching this self-satisfied moron rage against the Democratic process because she doesn’t like protecting children from being mutilated is annoying and satisfying at the same time. Annoying listening to her nasal adolescent bleating, satisfying knowing the impotent rage behind her threat not to accept Christmas cards anymore.

“You don’t know me,” threatened State Sen. Megan Hunt, meaning she’s cutting off all interpersonal communication with her colleagues — all of whom were definitely thinking “oh thank goodness.”

“Don’t say hi to me in the hall,” she rants.

No problem!

“You aren’t welcome in my space,” she rants.


“I don’t care. I don’t like you.”


We don’t know you Megan, but we do. You’re an insufferable gen-z brainwashed twit. A loudmouth. An outrage junkie hopped up on meds, no doubt, who sits around with her fellow intolerable and intolerant besties trying to outdo each other in extremist reactions. You’re a festering totalitarian in the making, just like all your comrade Marxist allies.

We don’t know you? Nobody WANTS to know you, lady, and I’m using that word generously. Take your ball and go home. I can’t imagine better news for any Republican in the state than that this person wishes to cut off contact.

THAT is a Christmas gift.

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