In response to a World Athletics Council decision to ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s track and field competitions, NPR made the patently absurd claim that there is ‘limited scientific evidence’ of a physical advantage for trans women (men) over women athletes.

‘Limited scientific evidence’? The folks at NPR have self-lobotomized in service to the wokesters.

We explicitly separate men’s and women’s sports because men have a physical advantage over women.

Women’s golf tees are closer to the pin than men’s tees because men have a physical advantage over women.

WNBA basketballs are 1 inch smaller and the 3-point line is 1 foot closer because men have a physical advantage over women.

Feminism exists because men have a physical advantage over women.

We’ve got your limited scientific evidence right here, clowns.

No, they are not.

Sit down and take it all in. NPR got a good old-fashioned ratio for this nonsense.

It’s a shame right? How will we ever know, especially because men and women are segregated into sports based on gender?

If only there was some mechanism of tracking the results and stats of sporting events and individual athletes so they could be compared.

Alas, we shall never know.

Okay, there is that.

‘Welcome to the NFL Combine! The scouts really have their eyes on I. P. Sittendown this afternoon … ‘

Yeah, not going to happen. It’s science.

Too bad there’s limited scientific evidence of physical advantage.

LOL. Good one.

Not just flaming garbage. BEYOND flaming garbage. Ha!

At least you can warm yourself next to flaming garbage.

What purpose does NPR serve?

Unfortunately there is limited scientific evidence that NPR can experience shame.

Accurate. We’re sensing a trend in the opinions here.

Right? What an odd factor by which to divide athletes.

Why not by hair color or music preference?

Why do athletic organizations separate athletes based on gender? It’s like there’s some significant difference between genders that makes it necessary?

Perhaps we shall never know.

Good plan! It’s sure to be a resounding success!

Wait … maybe that was sarcasm …

… yep, definitely sarcasm.

Hey, we won’t ever have to hear again about how WNBA players are underpaid compared to NBA players.

In fact, WNBA players will never play professional basketball again.

Whoa. Whoa! WHOA!

You’re telling us people have collected statistics about outcomes in sports between men and women and you can just go around graphing it on charts, like all sciency and stuff?

This is a game changer!

Mind. Blown.

Yeah, NPR is that slavishly devoted to the continued charade that someone can just call themselves a woman and make it so.

There is limited scientific evidence that progressives employ logic.

It’s the publicly-funded unintentional Babylon Bee.

Well there’s your problem!

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