In case you missed it, here’s the New York Post’s cover today:

Harsh but 100% accurate.

And a little too much truth for Oliver Willis to handle right now (or ever):



“Wow.” Yes, Sophia. It’s indeed a “wow” moment. As in “Wow, what an insanely stupid take on the Nashville shooting.” As in “Wow, Oliver Willis is an insanely stupid person.”

Oliver certainly didn’t mean to do that. But he did. And Harvard Law Cyberlaw Clinic clinical instructor Alejandra Caraballo was clearly too dumb to realize that when she decided to retweet it. Or maybe she just doesn’t care:

When in doubt — or when you’re desperate enough — throw down the “Nazi” card.

Guess nothing is off-limits for the radical Left. They liken their ideological opponents to Nazis on everything else … why not on a mass shooting carried out by a trans person at a Christian school?

It certainly is bold.

It’s also sickening. Sickening that Oliver Willis would offer up such an awful take in the first place, and arguably even more sickening that Alejandra Caraballo would take it and run with it.

The more we think about it, the angrier we get.

No, that’s actually what Caraballo is saying. And yes, she is absolutely a stone-cold sociopath.

Take a look at her reaction to the bodycam footage showing two Nashville Police officers risking their own lives to take down the Covenant shooter:

There are no words for that tweet. At least no words that we can write without heavily censoring them.

Imagine watching that harrowing bodycam footage and your first thought being not that the Nashville Police officers are heroes, but that the murderer is the victim and a martyr for the trans community. It takes a special kind of sickness for your mind to take that path.

Yes. They can. Over, under, sideways, down.



NBC News reports that right-wingers are doubling down on inflammatory rhetoric in wake of Club Q shooting


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