Former GOP congressman and current CNN senior political analyst may have the good looks of a Hollywood actor, but when it comes to actually acting, he really, really sucks at it. He tries hard for sure, bless his heart, but he’s not fooling anyone. At least he’s not fooling any of us.

He took a break in the last couple of days from talking about Donald Trump to grandstand on the graves of the victims of Monday’s deadly shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. The erstwhile defender of conservative principles has decided that he’s really bothered by “the flaunting of guns and the gun fetish”:

Of course, Kinzinger’s certainly within his right to evolve on his attitude toward guns and the Second Amendment. And clearly that’s what he’s done:

We took a look for ourselves, and it is indeed Mr. Kinzinger in that photo, posted on July 4 of 2014:

To his credit, Kinzinger didn’t try to deny it’s him in the photo.

He did, however, try to make @thevivafrei out to be the bad guy:

Wait a minute … Viva Frei is a clown? For what, exactly? For asking Adam Kinzinger to verify that it’s indeed him in the photo, proudly showing off some guns — including a pretty substantial one — and promoting the Second Amendment? If that makes Viva Frei a clown, what does that make Kinzinger? A lot of people don’t like clowns, but there are way worse things to be than a clown. And Adam Kinzinger is one of those worse things.

What happened is that Adam Kinzinger sold his soul to the highest bidder.

Of course Kinzinger would never admit something like that. He has his pride, after all!

Viva Frei put Adam Kinzinger in an awkward position. That doesn’t make him an idiot; that makes Adam Kinzinger a hypocrite.

Beautifully said.

Gosh, could Adam Kinzinger look like any more of a jackass right now? Actually, yes. He could. And he does:

If Adam Kinzinger no longer wants anything to do with guns, we’re completely OK with that.

We’re probably a lot safer, too.



Adam Kinzinger will *now* consider a ban on AR-15s, earns the Eric Swalwell seal of approval


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