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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Gerwyck refused to give up his dream of one day being known as “The Corduroy Kardashian.”

We’re going to take a break from the horror in Nashville here at the top today. There will no doubt be plenty more to write about that in the days (weeks?) to come.

Here at the Briefing we are all too often given opportunities to examine the stunning incompetence of various members of the Biden administration. Joining us in today’s Spotlight of Shame is Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The man in charge of the nation’s safety had a rough go of it in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. In front of the minority members of the committee, that is.

Lincoln wrote on Tuesday about Ted Cruz’s absolute torching of the idiot Mayorkas. The video of it is in his post. In the beginning of it, Cruz wants Mayorkas to acknowledge that there is, in fact, a crises on our southern border. Each time Cruz presses, Mayorkas deflects with what are obviously scripted remarks.

When Cruz really lays into him with the facts regarding the tragic results of this administration’s border policies, Mayorkas sits there with perhaps the blankest and dumbest look you will ever see on a human being’s face. Lincoln read it a little differently, saying that Mayorkas had a “smug, patrician gaze” while Cruz was lambasting him. I just saw a paste-eating moron.

Matt wrote yesterday about the exchange that Mayorkas had with Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana:

“Mr. Secretary yesterday you testified in judiciary that you support an assault weapon ban and we didn’t have much time to talk about that. Tell me your definition—once more—of an assault weapon,” the senator asked.

Easy, right? When someone says he wants to ban assault weapons, it stands to reason that he should know what an assault weapon is. Mayorkas would prove in his responses that he has absolutely no idea.

“I am not an expert, right respect to the definition but of the assault bands. And so I defer to—”

“You are the Secretary of Homeland Security,” Kennedy reminded him, clearly suggesting that he ought to know the answer.

“—as as a I was about to say, I defer to the experts, I defer to, for example, the definition of an assault weapon that was codified in the prior iteration of the legislation that was passed and that was in operation when I served as an assistant United States attorney and the United States Attorney in the Central District.”

Many will no doubt say that Mayorkas is simply playing dumb here because it’s the path of least resistance. Nope. He is dumb. And incompetent. Most bureaucrats would have learned how to convincingly b.s. in front of Congress after two years on the job. Mayorkas just kept looking like Peter Sellers in Being There.

Every Biden administration official who has to go in front of a camera immediately reveals that he or she is in over his or her head. The level of cluelessness in this crowd is stunning even for those of us who struggle to find anything nice to say about Democrats.

Personally, I think that Mayorkas is the worst of them because the consequences of his braindead incompetence are so dire. I realize that he is an educated man. However, anyone who truly believes that an open Mexican border is the ticket to peace and prosperity for the United States is a profoundly stupid human being. Democrats get comfortable in their policy delusions by removing critical thinking from the process.

Mayorkas’s embarrassing turn in front of the camera lights will soon be forgotten because one of his colleagues will do something idiotic to deflect attention from him.

He’s probably already had his people put in a call to the Dept. of Transportation to see what Mayor Pete is up to.

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