Author: Jeff Crouere

Biden Is Not Fit so He Must Quit

The position of President of the United States is the most important and stressful job in the world. The person occupying this position serves as Commander-in-Chief of our military forces and can lead the country into war. The...

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GoFundMe Can Go to Hell

Freedom loving people in the United States, Canada and worldwide need to learn a valuable lesson about the woke masters of the Internet. Most of these popular social media and crowdfunding sites need to be avoided like the...

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End the Covid Insanity

The insanity must finally end, now. After two years of living in fear, Americans must get up off their knees and embrace their freedoms once again. Our forefathers did not fight and die for this country to be overtaken by insane...

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Vaccines vs. Living a Healthy Life

A new Israeli study involving 270 vaccinated medical workers showed that even a fourth shot, a second booster, is not very effective in stopping covid infections. According to Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay, the director of the group...

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