Author: Ray Fava

Ligon Duncan’s racism exposed

“As In Heaven” is the Marxists podcast that The Gospel Coalition designed to promote the Social Justice Gospel in mainstream evangelicalism. Their trailer was drenched with Critical Race Theory when it debuted late...

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These people are sex offenders

In my life I have met three convicted pedophiles. Two were convicted for child porn and one for abusing a minor. The one that I knew best is my age and got off easy for reasons I will not divulge into here. Nevertheless, he will...

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Harry Styles and the effeminate agenda

In the past week, there were at least two significant skirmishes in the culture war on the front of masculinity vs effeminacy. There was the United Nations celebrating “International Men’s Day” and there was Harry Styles on...

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Minutes from the Rubicon

As a student of history, I look back to see what historic events rhyme with present day. In 2012, I remember hearing people say that America was as divided as it had been since the Civil War. Each year, this has gotten...

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The Christian Case for Trump 2020 

Evangelicals are one of the most important voting blocks in American elections. And as always, we should seek to vote according to our Christian worldview and convictions. And while this is not an exhaustive list of...

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