Author: Todd Hayen

The Benefits of a Chaotic World

With food shortages coming, it’s a smart move to order organic, cooked, freeze-dried chicken for long-term storage from Prepper Organics. It seems there is a clear global effort to make information uniform, and in particular, to...

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Vaccine Vultures

Vultures are birds that seek out wounded animals about to die and then swoop down on them when they are dead (or close to death) and devour them—apocryphally starting with gouging out the eyes. Vultures are typically not classed...

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The Utopia that Never Was

About three years ago, before this Covid swill was poured down our throats, my wife pointed out an article in the Toronto Star about a proposal to have cars fitted with bumper cameras, or some other nonsense intended to cut down...

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The Horrendous Damage of Censorship

Support Ultra-MAGA Patriot Mike Lindell (and us!). Buy from MyPillow with promo code “JDR” at checkout or call 800-862-0382. There has always been a hunger for new discoveries and revelations of the truth, but often, in the...

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